Entries by Christian OBrien

Julia McClellan

Having found dance and gymnastics at a very early age, I think I always felt deeply from the inside out. Moving and breathing; linking the two together, became a natural way for me to alleviate some dark times in my youth. At some point in early adulthood, I lost the connection of physical movement to […]

Shelby Grant

I came to yoga in 2006 while expecting my second daughter; I was looking for a way to remain physically active and fit during my pregnancy. I am a Florida native, wife, and mother of two girls. You know, the “common householder”. I love to live an active lifestyle and appreciate the outdoors. I started […]

Lexi Harrington

I view my mat as a sacred space where I go to recenter myself. Through teaching, I hope to guide others in experiencing the joy, self discovery and healing that yoga has brought to my life. My aim is to motivate students to find their edge while they strengthen and honor their bodies. Always in […]

Anthony Colantone

    It was through a severe spinal injury, which ended his professional dance career, that Anthony discovered the world of yoga. The main part of his rehabilitation was through yoga, thus avoiding the need for surgery. After developing a dedicated Bikram practice, Anthony began to benefit immensely from many of the healing qualities that […]

Elliott Moore

After a prolonged period of feeling like a personal and professional failure (a.k.a. my early thirties), I discovered yoga in Detroit (of all places). It soothed my weary soul and helped me recover from the numerous injuries I accrued during my college soccer career. That was 2011 and, six years later, is difficult to imagine […]

Charlotte Abrahamian

I began practicing yoga seriously when I was 16 years old. About 2 years ago I decided to go for teacher training with Jimmy Barkan where I received my 200 hour RYT & began teaching as a sub at his studio in Boca Raton. Along with being privileged enough to practice my own practice in […]

Victoria Taylor

Victoria Elizabeth Taylor is a Florida native who studied and trained at Passion Yoga School, Costa Rica, under Adi Shakti and Yoga Palm Beach, Palm beach Gardens, FL under Karen Burnett. She is certified in both Hatha, and Vinyasa Yoga. A classically trained dancer, Victoria studied at The Academy of Ballet Florida, and graduated from […]

Sarah Granato

I recall the moment I fell in love with teaching yoga. It was during my teacher training and one of our exercises was to lead a centering. I said something like, ‘Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in… and exhale’. The change I observed from such a simple instruction was miraculous. I could actually […]

Christina Schultz

Christina began practicing yoga at her home during a very stressful time in her life, and immediately fell in love with vinyasa after taking her first studio class. She has been an avid practitioner since, and decided that she wanted to share the same joy she found in yoga with others through teaching. For Christina, […]