Christina Schultz

Christina began practicing yoga at her home during a very stressful time in her life, and immediately fell in love with vinyasa after taking her first studio class. She has been an avid practitioner since, and decided that she wanted to share the same joy she found in yoga with others through teaching.

For Christina, yoga is about the connection between mind and body. The goal for her classes is that you will challenge and strengthen your body, while also calming your mind so you can leave with a sense of peace and contentment. Through focusing on breath and physical alignment while moving through creative sequences, Christina hopes to give students the opportunity to grow stronger and feel more connected with themselves


Amanda Hills

Amanda was born and raised in Westchester New York, and has always had a passion for the movement of the body and fine arts. Graduated from SUNY Purchase with a Bachelors of Art History in 2015, She decided to move to sunny South Florida to pursue teaching yoga, fine arts/public art classes, and interior design. Receiving her 200 Hour Certification from Zen Den Yoga School in Boca Raton, she started teaching soon after that. Amanda has started to explore other fields such as SUP Yoga, Mini Yogi’s, Ariel Yoga, Surfsest Fitness, and Pilates.

Raised as strong athlete, dancer, and gymnast she has continued to light her spiritual fire with movement of the body. You can find her paddle boarding at sunrise, spending time with her dog Hercules on the beach, or covered in paint at her in home studio.

Amanda’s passion for physical exercise and spiritual connection started at a young age and was inspired by her mother, who was also a gymnast. Yoga helped her recover from an eight-year battle with an Eating Disorder, and showed her how she could befriend and love her body as opposed to destructing it.

Amanda’s ultimate goal is to “empower one person at a time to engage mind, body, and spirit,” in her classes and beyond.

Sung-Ji Schmidt

Sung-Ji - Instructor at Yoga Palm BeachI started practicing yoga twenty years ago shortly after graduating from college. Twenty years sounds like a long time but my practice was off and on, mostly “off” since like most people in their twenties, I was busy trying to build a career and start a family. Growing up I had always been very athletic (I earned my first black belt in Tae Kwon Do when I was 14 and cycled competitively during college) and certainly the physical practice of yoga appealed to me, but it was the meditative and philosophical aspects of yoga that brought me back over and over again. I knew I had a lot to learn.

A few years ago after leaving a career in medicine, I took up my yoga practice once again and found that it helped to heal me both physically and emotionally. Working as a young doctor, I had become quite sedentary and often placed other people’s health before my own. Yoga helped me regain my physical health. But more importantly, it helped me heal emotionally. Yoga has taught me to be kinder and gentler with myself and others. It has taught me that patience is just as important as persistence. And it has taught me that compassion is an inside job.

I am first and foremost a student of yoga. My primary Vinyasa teacher is Karen Burnett of Yoga Palm Beach. I also study Ashtanga with Todd McLaughlin at Native Yoga in Juno Beach. In 2014 I did my teacher training (200h RYT) with Judy Weaver and James Kigar at Yoga South in Boca Raton. My teachers model patience, persistence, grace and humor. Their love for the practice comes through in their teaching. I aim to convey information to students in the same way that my teachers have done for me be it in a group setting or one-on-one. My teachers are my inspiration to teach.