Class Descriptions

Yoga MatsYoga Palm Beach offers a variety of classes for all levels and provides a comfortable space in which to explore the body, mind and soul. Our classes are invigorating, empowering, detoxifying and taught by passionate teachers at a level determined by you. Newer students can build a strong base while more experienced students can take their poses deeper with variations. Be okay with not being able to do everything perfectly – our classes are designed to challenge and inspire. You don’t need to already be flexible, strong or coordinated to do yoga. Yoga will take you there.

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic system of practicing asana, linking breath to movement. This athletic approach to yoga techniques is both physically and spiritually energizing and regular practice has many health benefits.

How to build muscle strength through Yoga

As more and more people catch on to the health benefits of Yoga it’s becoming more apparent that yoga is an art and an exercise which carries many different uses for the body – including relaxation, increased flexibility and strength. Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of that third benefit, and overlook yoga as a way of building up and toning your muscles. To help with this, we’ve put together a list of the best ways to build up muscle strength through yoga. Each of these exercises work well in conjunction with muscle building exercises.

YPB-practice-01For a start, there is the triangle pose, where you stand with your legs splayed into a triangle, arms stretched out fully and bent to the side and the waist so that one hand brushes the floor. This helps with exercises such as the deadlift and the kettlebell windmill.

Then there is the extended side angle pose, where you bend forward on one knee, with your other leg stretched out behind you, one arm touching the ground and the other reaching up to the sky. This helps with lengthening your lats, as well as any squatting patterns.

One of the most famous yoga poses is the Downward Facing Dog. Here, you stand on your mat, with your feet and hands flat on the ground and your back and legs completely straight into a triangle shape. This will lengthen your back and decompress your spine whilst strengthening your Achilles tendon.

You will need a table or other form of support for the low pyramid rose. Here you stand with your legs splayed out one in front of the other whilst you bend forward, back straight, your arms stretched out ahead of you onto a support or table. This stretches your hamstrings and your IT band – if you’re a cyclist then this exercise is an absolute must.

It’s no surprise that the warrior poses are ideal for building up muscle strength. To do a warrior 1 pose, stand with your back straight, arms in the air and stretch forward on to one leg, with your other leg stretched out behind you. This will help to strengthen your thoracic extension, along with your hip and shoulder flexion.

When taking any kind of exercise, it is always important to take breaks, so as not to over exert yourself. If you’re on an exercise break, there are numerous things you can do to keep you occupied, including read a book, call a friend, or play and win money on bingo sites with low wagering requirements Whatever you do, make sure it’s nice and relaxing so that you can get the full benefits and rest that you need – particularly if you are using these in conjunction with higher impact exercise which may exert your muscles further.



Vinyasa All Levels

An invigorating class designed to challenge and inspire. A faster paced flow, more intense and challenging poses, and creative sequences take your practice to the next level. All welcome, beginner, intermediate and advanced with safe options for everyone. Prepare to be transformed!

Vinyasa Power Hour

One hour of Vinyasa Yoga to get your day flowing! Gain flexibility, strength and stamina and all the benefits of yoga in this streamlined class.

Beginner Yoga/Slow Flow

A slow yoga class incorporating basic postures to build a strong foundation and gain confidence. Rediscover your body, how it works, and what it can do for you. Class gives you the time and support to understand the proper alignment of yoga postures and breathing technique. A perfect class for those new to yoga or students wanting to slow down during the week.

Core Yoga

A yoga class that focuses on core strength, balance and flow to build a solid practice based from strength and spirit.  This invigorating flow of basic yoga poses and dynamic core training will shape your body into its ABS-olute best while connection to breath will keep you centered and powerful.

Total Hip Flow

A class that helps to restore alignment and posture and keep your body injury free. Basic flowing yoga poses prepare your body and build heat, then blend longer held poses with core strengthening exercises to release the hips, back and mind.

Yin Yoga Stretch

A deep release and restorative approach to the yoga practice. Yin offers long, meditative holds to open, strengthen, and heal the deep connective tissues of the the body. With a focus on the areas of the hips and low back, release stress and tension throughout the entire body, creating physical and mental balance.

Connected Warriors

A free, weekly class for active, inactive, and retired military. This free yoga class focuses on learning skills proven to help you connect to the present – leaving anxiety behind while learning to feel safe and in control. By lowering your hyper-vigilance and your reaction to noise and stress, you will sleep better and have more control over your emotions. All military personnel welcome! Dedicated to the Memory of Beau MacVane, Army Ranger (1976-2009). Read more.

Private Yoga Instruction

Interested in deepening your personal practice? Ask your instructor or inquire at the front desk about private one-to-one yoga sessions. Please contact us for more information.