“I’m pretty particular, especially when it comes to yoga studios and instructors. As an instructor, I’ve taken my fair share of classes all over.

While I’m not a big poster on Facebook, gotta give a huge 2 thumbs up for the studio Yoga Palm Beach in Palm Beach Gardens and instructors Julia McClellan and Karen Lawrence Burnett.

Awesome space, challenging, thoughtful classes, hands-on instruction and dynamite playlists make this my go-to studio and instructors when I’m in So. Fla.”

Ben Zeltner

Peaceful environment, friendly staff, and highly educated instructors that strive to avoid injury by constantly helping correct posture during poses. Love them

Michele Hosea Danison

For those that wish to pursue a yoga (asana) practice that has depth, nuance, and is based on intentional sequencing, this is among the finest studios in South Florida. Beyond the high-quality yoga offered at the studio, it’s the nicest physical space I’ve been to, including clean, spacious bathrooms with showers as well as an inviting lobby area that often times has terrific snacks and, for celebrations, an occasional cake.

Being objective, if the preference is simply to go for fast movements, “spiritual sounding words”, and pay little attention to breath or alignment, there are likely other studios that would serve this intention better. Having been injured from lack of intention and understanding as to what serves my own body, I believe strongly in choosing a studio and teachers based on skill and understanding of anatomy, alignment, etc. versus most other considerations.

Adam Scheer

Looooove this place <3 So beautiful… attention to every detail, clean bathrooms, wonderful peaceful atmosphere, amazing knowledgeable teachers and warm welcome… It was literally like going to the spa… And you can even take a shower there and soak in the benefits and good feel of your practice after the class… You will definitely get a full replenishing experience when you go to Yoga Palm Beach <3… Effort followed by relaxation… LOVED IT!

Cecile Alfonzo

Originally I am from Broward and I searched far and wide till I came across this studio. Turns out they even know my instructor from Broward (they took their certifications at the same time). Clean, pleasant, professional and roomy (one of the larger studios I’ve found in Palm Beach) and void of snarky or snotty attitudes. Phenomenal instructors and overall a truly delightful studio. If you’ve practiced as long as I have (20+ years) you’ll know you’re in the right spot the second you hit the mat!

Rima Feliciano

It’s my forever yoga home, total bliss! All the instructors offer a different experience but equally amazing. So knowledgeable in anatomy, it transformed and healed me body and soul. Namaste

Teresa Courage

Went to my first class today with Liz… AMAZING. I recently moved back home from Asia and had such a difficult time finding a studio I aligned with… I think I found that studio (finally!) tonight!! Thank you Liz for the great class <3 definitely going to be a regular.

Ale Delgado

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