Karen Burnett yoga instructor Yoga Palm Beach

Karen Burnett

Founder Yoga Palm Beach

After more than 25 years of training my body to its physical limits, I learned I needed yoga in my life. I am an athletic person by nature and love the physical practice of yoga: the idea of touching each muscle and opening up all the energy channels in the body is exciting to me. My style of Vinyasa keeps me grounded, vital, healthy and present in my body. I have personally witnessed the power and peace of the practice of Vinyasa yoga in my active lifestyle and in my life at home.

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Lizzy Moore instructor photo

Lizzy Moore

Studio Manager

Six years ago I moved to Florida, took my first yoga class, and fell in love.  I knew instantly that I had found my true passion.  I took my first teacher training 5 years ago and have been teaching every since.  I’ve been lucky to teach in many different settings- gyms, yoga studios, outdoors, on paddle boards, and spending a lot of my time teaching in treatment centers to people who are recovering from addiction.  In class, I always encourage students to have fun, find their edge, and be aware how our habits on our mats reflect our habits in our lives.

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Liz Carson photo

Elizabeth Carson

Elizabeth found yoga at a time in her life when a back injury precluded her from her normal running and gym routine.  It was not long until she began to notice the positive impact her practice was making in all areas of her life.  Living her own transformation, she knew she wanted to share what she had found on her mat.  After a few months of nurturing a dedicated practice, Elizabeth jumped right into a teacher training and began teaching in November 2011.

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Susy Benjamin yoga teacher Yoga Palm Beach

Susy Benjamin

I am a native Floridian and have been teaching yoga for ten years. I love my job. My students are encouraged to “work hard” and “play hard”. Plugging into my mat to practice yoga is my favorite part of the day and my intention is to make it yours as well. 

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Genevieve Rivera

Genevieve Rivera

My intention for every class is to be of service to my students through offering yoga as therapy for the body, mind, and spirit.  As a massage therapist, I use my knowledge of anatomy to safely guide students through postures with breath and intention.  I aim to always offer all-levels classes that are challenging, therapeutic, and of course fun and uplifting!  So whether you seek flexibility, strength, balance or even a detox, you’ll find what you need on the mat and carry it with you throughout your day.

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Caroline Wybar pic

Caroline Wybar

Yoga made possible a miracle of healing in me.  Gratitude and a sense of wonder are what animate my teaching today.  I believe passionately in the power of yoga to restore health to the body, equanimity to the mind, and vitality to the soul.  I love what I do, and I feel a genuine excitement about sharing this practice with others.

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Elizabeth Bond pic

Elizabeth Bond

Elizabeth has been teaching in the Jupiter area for two years at health clubs, corporations, country clubs and with private clients.  She draws inspiration from multiple yoga and physical disciplines including Anusara Yoga, gentle yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, physical therapy techniques and guided meditation practices.  She brings a lovingly playful, yet practical voice to her classes as she guides her students into a sacred, healing space. 

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Angie Vergara photo

Angi Vergara

After being introduced to Yoga in 2009,  Angi fell in love with the physical practice and the moving meditation of yoga.  Angi encourages students to create space throughout the day, let go, breathe, and accept the challenge to bring their yoga off the mat and out into the world.  She  supports students to meet their edge with grace and calmness. 

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Sung-Ji photo

Sung-Ji Schmidt

A few years ago after leaving a career in medicine, I took up my yoga practice once again and found that it helped to heal me both physically and emotionally. My teachers model patience, persistence, grace and humor. Their love for the practice comes through in their teaching. I aim to convey information to students in the same way that my teachers have done for me be it in a group setting or one-on-one.

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Noah Jones yoga instructor Yoga Palm Beach

Noah Jones

Led by passion and commitment to the empowerment of others, Noah’s intention is to create a space where students are encouraged to breakthrough self-limiting conversations using the physical practice of yoga.

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