Julia McClellan

Having found dance and gymnastics at a very early age, I think I always felt deeply from the inside out. Moving and breathing; linking the two together, became a natural way for me to alleviate some dark times in my youth. At some point in early adulthood, I lost the connection of physical movement to breath movement that I had found in dance and gymnastics and I suffered greatly. It wasn’t until I found myself on a yoga mat one night in a cold gym with the right class and the right teacher that I connected back to the freedom and peace that inherently exists within me… within all of us. I’m grateful for my first yoga teacher I found that night in Karen Burnett and our friendship that continued. I am equally grateful for all of my teachers that followed; especially James Kigar and Judy Weaver of Yoga South where I received my 200 hour certification. Most importantly, I’m grateful for the greatest teacher I found… the teacher within. It is the teacher within ourselves that is so amazing; the voice I hear when I’m really silent sitting in meditation; the one that leads me from a place where all of the layers are peeled back; a place that is already absolutely perfect within.

My greatest hope is that just one person will find what I have found through the practice of yoga…that is a practice that transforms and continues to transform me every day in ways that I have never dreamed possible. The path is not always easy and there are moments of darkness on all of our journeys, but when you awaken and open your eyes, there is an abundance of amazing bright light behind all darkness! I look forward to guiding and practicing with you soon… Namaste.