Shelby Grant

I came to yoga in 2006 while expecting my second daughter; I was looking for a way to remain physically active and fit during my pregnancy. I am a Florida native, wife, and mother of two girls. You know, the “common householder”. I love to live an active lifestyle and appreciate the outdoors.

I started practicing a little bit of yoga on my own at home and began noticing more of the calming effects yoga had to offer as well as the physical and mental strength it required. It wasn’t until shortly after my daughter was born that I actually attended my first class, a friend of mine “dragged” me along. In my mind at the time I thought I knew exactly what to expect, some relaxation and stretching… blah blah blah… I was looking to get back into shape and “lose the baby weight”.

To my surprise the class was way more physically and in turn mentally intense than I anticipated and I quickly realized that just when you think you know “everything about yoga” guess again, there is always more.

Yoga allows you to work as hard or as easy as you (the practitioner) desire. This idea of a lifelong constantly changing and customizable practice quickly became more appealing.
It wasn’t long before I was hooked! (right after that first class in fact).

Every single day my practice changes; what I feel physically and emotionally, what I do, and how I breathe, each day it is new. Diving into my practice every day gives me the ability to get to know myself a little better every time.

Depending on how I am feeling that day I can work harder or smarter. I learn more about myself, how I react to challenges, how I breathe while challenged, the ability to find comfort and a sense of ease in uncomfortable situations. The physical and mental challenges yoga offers gives me confidence to move through challenges off of my mat as well. This practice is more than just the physical it is empowering to step outside of one’s comfort zone have a little faith and find that “Wow! I’m ok, I survived “.

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 HR level Through Yoga Palm Beach and I am currently working toward my 500 HR Certification. My hope is to be able to share my love for yoga with everyone that steps into one of my classes and offer a practice accessible to every unique individual.

I love building the connection to peace and faith through practice, not over analyzing but just doing, I keep coming back to learn more. Like Patthabi Jois said, “99% practice and 1% theory” We just do it.

Through the practice more of the true self unfolds. I hope it will for you as well.